Final – Treasure Hunt

Solve the final puzzle and enter password:


  1. Having trouble with this one…none of our answers are right. Hint please? 🙂

  2. Eh, ther is another one. We’ll try again.

  3. Can we please get a final hint?

  4. This last one turns out to be difficult for us. Can we get some help? Thank you!

  5. Hi Michal, we already arrived in Praque. Maybe we missed your answer. Can you please give us a clou for this final puzzle? We would like to play the real life game in Praque also. Kind regards, Marion and family.

  6. Hi Michal, we tried to solve the final for at least two hours tonight. Think we have a kind of “blindness” that makes it impossible for us to solve the problem 😢. We would like to play the outdoor game on wednesday. Can you please give us another hint? With kind regards, Marion.

  7. Ha Michal, in the end we solved the final 😊. We had a great afternoin playing your game today. Thanks for supporting us! Kind regard , Marion and family.

    • Hi Marion,

      I am glad you played and liked the game! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Prague.

      Best regards,


  8. ThePragueWarriorDude

    hint please

  9. I have obtained all the letters but for some reason it wont work.

    Can I have a hint please?

  10. I also think that I got 7 letters already. But I dont know what to do with this now? Can I get a hint please?

  11. Díky za pěkné hlavolamy. Nejtěžší pro měl byly ty filmy, protože jsem neznal názvy… naštěstí je tu Google, ten to podle klíčových slov našel.

  12. Hi guys, any chance I can get a hint for the final?

  13. Completed! See you in less than 5 hours for our live game!

  14. Hi! Could you send us a hint please?

  15. could definitely use help on this one 😉

  16. Easy 😉 Solved in less than 30 minutes

  17. Help! Please! We feel like we are sooo close but can’t get it.


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