Solve the mystery of Prague lamps in an adventurous and exciting exit game in Prague.

Find your way to fun and victory! Outdoor game across Prague – for you and your mates.
Sick of places cluttered by tourists? We have designed an activity which takes you to the venues beloved by genuine Praguers! We live here, we know the places! Experience smart outdoor fun with a cipher game for teams up to five friends. What is awaiting you?

  • Opportunity to discover places hidden away from the regular touristic sights
  • Lively walks across Prague
  • Unique scenic views of Prague which other guides are lazy to show you
  • Vibrant feeling when competing with friends and other teams

Everyone likes to play! How?
Play Across Prague is an outdoor “exit” game, you don’t have to exit room, but the goal is to finish the game and have fun! Everyone can finish, with or without our hints. If you are still clueless, you can always use the solution. All you need is your own feet and brain. Let’s compete with friends and other teams in our all year competition!